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About us

16R is a luxury handcrafted knitwear brand, timeless with a contemporary and sophisticated Design , made in Tuscany. 

16R was born with the vision of "Romina Caponi" Design, she has always tried to enhance with her style her origins and the traditions inherited by the "Maglificio Caponi" family company that has been operating in this sector since the 1970s.

 The collection was born in a small Tuscan town "San Miniato" where Romina founded her small laboratory and creative office inside her home, where she works with her collaborators in artisan knitwear companies.

 Production is carried out from the prototype to development in its own area at a maximum of 50 km.

The main yarns used are from high quality Italian companies.

Our knitwear is made in limited productions and is produced in "Pre-Order", in order to guarantee the customer a unique and special, quality and seasonless knitwear, totally handmade in Italy.


Why do we do Pre-Order?

We create the best tailored knitwear for the customer, in the right size and in the selected color, with the best attention in making it.

We do not stock and over-produce so as to make excesses and super quantities that the company does not need today, we make the 16R collection on request and in Limited Editions.

Unused yarns are re-used to make items with a single edition and to complement accessories, Romina with her style loves to find new ideas to create a special and sustainable style.


The yarns are produced in Italy by certified yarn companies that use colors and processes with the utmost respect for the planet.Nature, Art and craftsmanship are for Design a source of inspiration for its 16R collections with quality, ethics, uniqueness, sustainability and research with sophisticated and unique style are the vision of Romina Caponi's knitwear. 


About Creative Design 

Romina Caponi was born in Pisa on 16.6.1976, she studied Fashion and Art. In 1995 she got a degree at Caterina Dei Medici in Florence and in 1998 she gained a specialisation in Knitwear Design at the Institute Polimoda of Florence.

After the experience gained during adolescence, in 1999 she began a collaboration with the fashion house Roberto Cavalli, as a Senior Design responsible of knitwear sector where she established a very interesting and creative relationship that will last for several years. In 2006 this collaboration was interrupted for about two years as Romina decided to join the Versace maison's creative group as Senior Design.

In 2007 Romina founded her own studio within the family business and she started several collaborations as a creative consultant, both with emerging brands and with important fashion groups.

In 2016 she launched her own brand 16R, name inspired by her lucky number “16” and her date of birth and the “R” stands for the initial of her name.

She names “Firenze” on the web and on the social network ( to immediately identify the origin of the creations and productions of the brand, the production is in a factory house Maglificio Caponi near Florence, in collaboration with local Artisan and small knitwear company.


In January 2018 Romina Caponi with 16R is chosen by Altaroma, as one of the best Talent Brands and participates in the Showcase event in Rome at the Guido Reni District.

In September 2018 16R is selected as a line recognised among those that enhance craftsmanship and the environment during the Green Award Word, organised by Eco-Age in collaboration with the "CNMI".